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DEEPCOOL ASSASSIN 3 is a high-end CPU cooler designed for gamers and hardware enthusiasts. It features a sleek and stylish design with a matte black finish and aluminum fan blades. The cooler is compatible with the most common Intel and AMD sockets, making it an ideal choice for gaming and work systems.

The DEEPCOOL ASSASSIN 3 is equipped with a 380mm long radiator with high-quality copper pipes for fast and reliable cooling. It also features three silent 140mm fans for optimal airflow, as well as reinforced steel mounting support for easy and stable installation.

Additionally, the DEEPCOOL ASSASSIN 3 offers customizable RGB lighting using a light controller or compatible RGB control software to add a touch of style to your system. With superior materials, exceptional performance, and eye-catching aesthetics, the DEEPCOOL ASSASSIN 3 is an excellent choice for gamers and hardware enthusiasts looking to maximize the cooling performance of their system.