Thermaltake Tower 100

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The Thermaltake Tower 100 case is a compact PC case designed for mini-ITX desktop computers. It offers a sleek, cubic design that sets it apart from other compact cases.

The case is built with high-quality tempered glass panels, which provide a clear view of the computer’s internal components and a premium appearance. It also features a brushed aluminum front panel that adds a touch of refinement.

The case is designed for easy component installation, with support for a double-slot graphics card up to 330 mm in length and a CPU cooler up to 190 mm in maximum height. It also has a compartment for the computer’s power supply, which allows for clean wiring and better airflow.

The Tower 100 is designed for excellent cable management with separate power headers for key components, allowing for clean and organized wiring for optimal airflow.

The case is also equipped with an efficient cooling system, with a pre-installed 120 mm fan at the rear and a space for an additional fan at the front. It is also possible to install a 120 mm liquid cooler at the front for even more effective heat dissipation.

Additionally, the case is equipped with an easily accessible top control panel, with USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, headphone and microphone jacks, and a reset button.

Overall, the Thermaltake Tower 100 case is an excellent choice for users looking for a compact and stylish case for their mini-ITX desktop computer, with excellent cable management, an efficient cooling system, and a premium appearance.