Seasonic FOCUS GOLD GX-850

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The Seasonic FOCUS GOLD GX-850 is a high-end power supply unit designed for intensive gaming and work systems. It offers a maximum output power of 850 watts, making it an ideal choice for systems with moderate to high energy demands.

The 80 PLUS GOLD certification ensures a minimum efficiency of 87% at 50% of the rated load. This means that more than 87% of the electrical energy used is converted into useful energy to power the system, which saves energy and reduces long-term energy costs.

The Seasonic FOCUS GOLD GX-850 is equipped with a silent cooling system that ensures quiet operation even when the system is powered on. It also has multiple safety protections, such as overcurrent, overvoltage, and short circuit protection, to ensure the safety of your system.

In summary, the Seasonic FOCUS GOLD GX-850 is an ideal choice for users seeking a powerful, efficient, and silent power supply unit for their high-end computer system.