Maxwell Duke 1000W 80PLUS Platinum Full Modular ATX 3.0

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The Max Elite Maxwell Duke 1000W 80 PLUS Platinum Fully Modular ATX 3.0 is a high-caliber power supply unit (PSU) engineered to ensure efficient and reliable power delivery to your computer system.

Delving into its technical specifications, this PSU boasts a rated output of 1000W and is adorned with prestigious certifications including 80 PLUS Platinum, ETA Platinum, and LAMBDA A-. It operates on a +12V Single Rail voltage rail with an impressive voltage efficiency of 99%. The power factor is also noteworthy at 99%, indicating a highly efficient power conversion with minimal loss. The unit comes with a 120mm fan and has a compact depth of 140mm, making it a fitting choice for most standard ATX cases. The full modular design is a hallmark feature, allowing for enhanced cable management by enabling the use of only the necessary cables, which in turn can improve airflow and reduce clutter within the case.

In terms of efficiency and certification, the 80 PLUS Platinum certification underscores its ability to maintain high efficiency, which is further corroborated by the ETA Platinum and LAMBDA A- certifications. These certifications not only vouch for its efficiency but also low noise levels, making it a quiet operator.

The cooling mechanism is well-thought-out with a 120mm fan ensuring cool operations even under demanding workloads. The compact form factor with a depth of 140mm facilitates its fit into most standard ATX cases, making it a versatile choice.

One of the standout features is its extended warranty period of 10 years, which signifies a long-term investment ensuring peace of mind over its lifespan. This is a testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s durability and performance over time.

The connector variety is another highlight, courtesy of its fully modular nature. It provides a range of connectors including a 24-pin main power connector, which is pivotal for powering the motherboard and other core components. This variety of connectors simplifies the installation process and caters to different power requirements of a computer system.

This PSU also heralds a larger series as there’s a 1300W version of the Maxwell Duke with analogous 80 PLUS Platinum and fully modular features. In essence, the Max Elite Maxwell Duke 1000W PSU embodies a blend of high efficiency, reliable power delivery, and convenient modularity, thereby emerging as a robust choice for both enthusiasts and professionals aiming to construct a high-performance computer system.