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The MaxElite MOTHRA 240 AIO ARGB is an all-in-one liquid cooling system designed for PC processors. It is equipped with two 120mm fans for efficient and silent cooling of your CPU. The fans are equipped with ARGB LED lights for a customizable touch of style to your system.

The integrated pump offers reliable and quiet performance with a maximum rotation speed of 2500 RPM. The 240mm radiator provides a large surface area for dissipating heat from the processor, while the flexible rubber hoses allow for easy installation and great flexibility to fit different PC cases.

The system is compatible with the latest Intel and AMD processors, including Intel LGA 1200, 115X, and AMD AM4 sockets. It is also easy to install thanks to its universal mounting kit included in the package.

In summary, the MaxElite MOTHRA 240 AIO ARGB is a solid choice for PC users looking for an efficient, silent, and aesthetic cooling system for their processor.