Lian Li SP750 80 PLUS Gold

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The Lian Li SP750 80 PLUS Gold is a high-quality computer power supply designed for demanding power and energy efficiency configurations. With an 80 Plus Gold certification, it offers above-average energy efficiency, which means less energy is wasted in the form of heat, making it better for the environment and your wallet.

This power supply has a rated power output of 750 watts, sufficient to power even the most demanding gaming or work configurations. It is equipped with advanced protections to safeguard your computer system against overvoltages, undervoltages, overcurrents, and short circuits.

The Lian Li SP750 80 PLUS Gold comes with a silent fan for better heat dissipation and quiet operation. Additionally, it is designed with sleek aesthetics and high-quality construction to seamlessly integrate with your computer system.

In summary, the Lian Li SP750 80 PLUS Gold is an excellent power supply for desktop computers that require reliable and energy-efficient power to run smoothly. With superior energy efficiency, advanced protections, and quiet operation, it is a solid choice to power your computer system.