Fractal Design Prisma AL-14

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The Fractal Design Prisma AL-14 is a high-performance fan designed to provide effective and quiet ventilation for desktop computers. Here are some key features of this fan:

Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 25 mm Rotation speed: 500-1700 RPM Airflow: 103.85 m3/h Noise level: 28.3 dB(A) Bearing type: Long Life Sleeve (LLS) bearing Number of blades: 7 Connector: 4-pin PWM Lighting: Addressable RGB LED (8 LEDs per fan) Compatibility: Computer cases compatible with 140 mm fans

The Fractal Design Prisma AL-14 is equipped with a powerful fan motor that offers variable rotation speed between 500 and 1700 RPM, providing efficient and quiet ventilation. The fan produces an airflow of 103.85 m3/h and a noise level of 28.3 dB(A) at full speed. The Long Life Sleeve (LLS) bearing ensures a long lifespan for the fan.

The fan also features seven blades that provide an optimal balance between airflow and noise. The 4-pin PWM connector allows for precise control of the fan speed based on the system temperature, optimizing cooling performance.

Finally, the Fractal Design Prisma AL-14 features addressable RGB LED lighting that allows you to customize the appearance of your system. Each fan is equipped with eight LEDs, which can be controlled using the RGB lighting control software of your motherboard. The fan is compatible with computer cases that support 140 mm fans, offering great flexibility for installation in a variety of systems.