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The emTek REDBIT 360 ARGB XT PENTA+ is an all-in-one liquid cooling system for desktop processors. It is designed to offer optimal heat dissipation for high-performance processors.

The cooling system consists of a 360mm aluminum radiator equipped with three 120mm ARGB fans, which allows for effective heat dissipation. The fans have high-quality blades to offer high static pressure and low noise level.

The processor cooling block is equipped with a high-quality copper cold plate for optimal thermal conductivity. It is also equipped with ARGB lighting for an elegant look.

The emTek REDBIT 360 ARGB XT PENTA+ is compatible with the latest generation Intel and AMD processors, including 10th, 11th, and 12th generation Intel Core processors and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation AMD Ryzen processors. It is easy to install and includes all necessary fixings for most common processor sockets.

The emTek REDBIT 360 ARGB XT PENTA+ liquid cooling system is an excellent choice for users who want efficient cooling and an elegant look for their high-performance processor. The ARGB fans also add a touch of customization to your build as a whole.