Antec NeoECO 850W 80 PLUS GOLD

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The Antec NeoECO 850W 80 PLUS power supply is a high-power desktop computer power supply designed to provide stable and efficient power for demanding desktop systems. It offers an output power of 850 watts, providing enough power to supply high-end gaming configurations and workstations.

It is 80 PLUS certified, which means it achieves energy conversion efficiency of up to 85% at 50% load, reducing energy consumption and operating costs. It is also equipped with a silent 120mm fan, which provides efficient cooling while operating very quietly.

The Antec NeoECO 850W 80 PLUS power supply has multiple connectors, including connectors for the main motherboard power, connectors for hard drives and SSDs, connectors for graphics cards, and connectors for peripherals. It also includes protections against overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuits, and overheating, ensuring safe and reliable operation.