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The ABKO T360 THETIS FULL CHANGE ARGB is a high-performance liquid cooling system designed for computer enthusiasts and gamers. This system features a 3-row radiator, which is quite large, and it comes in a package that reflects its size. The radiator connects to a tube and water block, and the set includes three 120mm ARGB cooling fans, which can be controlled via a motherboard-compatible RGB control hub.

A distinctive feature of the T360 THETIS is its water block, which includes a copper base and an LED-enhanced mirror surface. This water block not only provides efficient cooling but also adds a visual flair to the setup with its illuminated logo and surrounding crystals. The mirror water block is capable of 360-degree rotation, allowing for flexible orientation and adding to its aesthetic appeal.

The cooler is compatible with Intel’s 12th generation processors and, despite not being officially confirmed for AM5 compatibility, can be mounted on AMD Ryzen 5th generation Raphael CPUs without needing to change the backplate. This versatility makes it a suitable choice for various high-performance setups.

However, there are some considerations to keep in mind. While the cooler performs effectively, reducing the temperature significantly even at lower fan speeds compared to some dual tower air coolers, it has been noted for potential noise issues. The pump, in particular, can produce a high-frequency noise at maximum RPM, which might be bothersome to some users. Despite these concerns, the T360 THETIS comes with a 5-year warranty, including leak compensation, which adds a layer of security for long-term use.

In summary, the ABKO T360 THETIS FULL CHANGE ARGB is a powerful and visually striking liquid cooler that offers excellent cooling performance. Its compatibility with a range of CPUs and its customizable ARGB lighting make it a compelling option for building a high-end PC. However, its size and potential noise issues should be considered before purchasing.