Welcome to our Cash On Delivery (COD) policy page. Here, we detail the structured payment approach designed for the seamless transaction and delivery of custom PC builds. This policy is crafted with the intent of safeguarding the interests of both our esteemed clientele and our business, ensuring a transparent, efficient, and trustworthy transaction process from order placement to delivery.

Policy Overview

Our COD policy outlines a two-stage payment process tailored to provide a balanced, secure, and efficient procurement and assembly phase for custom PC builds, described as follows:

  1. Initial Deposit Payment:
    • Upon confirmation of an order for a custom PC build, a mandatory deposit of 25% of the total cost is required from the client. This deposit is pivotal in securing the order and triggers the commencement of the procurement and assembly process for the custom build.
  2. Balance Payment Pre-Delivery:
    • The remaining balance, constituting 75% of the total order cost, is due 48 hours prior to the scheduled delivery date. This advance completion of payment is crucial for final quality assurance checks and facilitates a smooth transition to the delivery phase.

Detailed Rationale Behind Payment Terms

1. Deposit Payment:

  • Order Confirmation & Resource Allocation: The deposit acts as a formal commitment to the transaction, allowing us to confidently allocate the necessary resources, including manpower and materials, towards your custom PC build. This step is essential for maintaining an efficient workflow and ensuring that all components required for your build are reserved and allocated correctly.
  • Risk Mitigation: The deposit minimizes financial risk by covering initial costs incurred during the early stages of the build process. It ensures that the commencement of work on custom orders is financially justified, safeguarding against cancellations and loss.

2. Balance Payment Pre-Delivery:

  • Quality Assurance & Final Preparations: Finalizing the payment 48 hours before delivery provides us with a sufficient timeframe to conduct comprehensive quality control checks. This period is vital for ensuring that every aspect of the PC build meets our stringent quality standards and aligns with your specifications. It also allows time for any necessary last-minute adjustments.
  • Financial Security & Efficiency: This payment structure ensures financial stability and security for both parties involved. For us, it secures the financial investment in the project, while for clients, it guarantees that their final payment is only processed when their custom PC is ready and confirmed for delivery. This approach streamlines the delivery process, eliminating financial transactions at the point of delivery and focusing solely on the handover of the PC build.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience:

  • Transparency and Trust: By clearly outlining these payment terms, we aim to build a relationship based on transparency and trust with our clients. This policy ensures that there are no hidden fees or surprises, making the transaction process straightforward and reliable.
  • Client Confidence: Clients can have confidence in the investment they are making. Knowing that their payment contributes directly to the procurement of high-quality components and expert assembly of their custom PC build fosters a sense of security and trust in the services provided.

Compliance and Considerations

  • Adherence to Terms: Clients are encouraged to adhere strictly to the payment schedule outlined in this policy. Non-compliance may result in delays or cancellation of the order, affecting the delivery timeline and potentially incurring additional costs.
  • Communication and Support: We understand that circumstances can vary, and we are committed to providing support throughout the transaction process. Should there be any concerns or issues regarding payment, we strongly encourage clients to contact us at the earliest convenience to discuss possible accommodations or adjustments.


This Cash On Delivery (COD) policy is instituted to ensure a seamless, efficient, and transparent transaction process for both our clients and our business. It reflects our commitment to providing high-quality custom PC builds while maintaining financial integrity and client satisfaction. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these terms, and we look forward to providing you with a custom PC build that meets your exact specifications and exceeds your expectations.

Contact Us

For further inquiries or assistance regarding our COD policy, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. Our dedicated professionals are here to help you navigate through any questions or concerns you may have about our payment terms, ensuring a smooth and pleasant experience with your custom PC build order.